4 reasons to outsource lighting specification

Being a designer, there are a lot of challenges you have to face during the work process: calculations, selections, communication with the client and usually a lot of stress.

One of the solutions could be outsourcing. Let’s take a look at 4 main reasons why outsourcing may actually help you!


1. It saves (a lot of) time

Specification of any kind of item could be really time-demanding. Searching for the item, making sure it meets all the requirements or whether is it a right material are the common (and not only) issues. On top of that, today’s market is overflowing with quality designs, resulting in dozens of items to choose from. Therefore, why not to skip this part, save time and leave it to somebody else?


2. No more budget issue

Almost everytime, there is a budget the designer should fit in. Even the lighting is not usually the biggest expense of the whole project, it is certainly among the higher entries. You could avoid comparing endless price lists by leaving it to the Lighting Professional. He or she will fit the budget and on top of that, will provide you with price alternatives. You and your clients will appreciate that.



3. You don’t need to know everything

Interior designers need to be very versatile, thinking and working in broader contexts. However, specialists are specialists for knowing their field to the utmost extent. Experienced Lighting Professional is highly oriented among the products, able to deliver the perfect solution in a while.


4. Custom designs at your disposal

Are you looking for something unique and spectacular? Lighting Professionals like us have greatly developed libraries of lights of all kinds. These designs are not present in any catalogues, lists or online to select from. Imagine these unique designs, ready to be instantly implemented to your project!


At AYSAN, we can actually help you outsource lighting specifications for your projects. We invite you to try the service, all we need are:

•             plans of the building/project, including ceiling height information

•             renders and visualizations to fit the interior‘s mood

•             target price, if there is any

•             any further information is much appreciated


Contact: info@aysan.com, Tel: +420 485 103 369​