Light & Crystal

Crystal has always been prized for its ability to bring to life intricate tricks of the light, refracting it into myriad coloured fragments. It is cherished and admired wherever it is used. One of its most precious applications is creating chandeliers.

Elevating the simple idea of captured light to a pure celebration of its beauty and significance. Creating an explosion of light worthy of the purest jewels and bestowing an authentic feeling of luxury on any environment.

Tradition & Mastercraft

For centuries, Bohemia has been the source of the world’s finest crystal. The secret is not only hidden in nature’s resources, but it also lies in the hands of the craftsmen, who have passed down the precious inheritance of their secrets for generations.

The purity and brilliance of the chandeliers produced in the region can still be admired in palaces of historic importance today. 

The AYSAN promise is to bring this tradition, born in the region of Bohemia hundreds of years ago, into the present, with pride and passion.



Jitka Horcickova

CEO and Lead designer of AYSAN

“Light as a constant and infinite source of life inspires our thoughts and informs our every action. It shapes our emotions, brings us harmony and ignites our imagination.

My passion for light is what led me to create AYSAN, taking me on an exciting journey through the centuries. As I explored the shapes crafted many decades ago, I saw that only the most distinguished creations stand the test of time to become truly timeless.

My ultimate goal is to bring the feeling of the extraordinary together with the purest of emotions and even beyond that, to imbue every design with its own unique soul and story that is relevant to today.”

life in aysan