CUORE – Heart Starts To Beat

A heart has always been a symbolic source, a wellspring of life and traditional centre of emotions.
The idea revolved around us so intensively, that we have decided to create our own heart, to be the centre of our upcoming collection.

It takes excellent material and a pair of master’s hands to create a masterpiece. To show you the process from a close distance, we will take you to a small traditional workshop in Bohemia specialized in crystal handcrafting.

First, the raw material from glassworks is worked on the diamond cutting wheel. Such work is highly demanding for focus and time. Even the slightest fault could not be repaired! However, when the work is well executed and all the facets are in perfect order, the piece just met the major prerequisite to transform and project light in a glorious way.

After cutting stage, crystal pieces are matte and dull, which means they need to be polished. This could be done two ways: chemical and by hand. Polishing flattens all uneven parts and gives crystal its significant, shiny look. Now, crystal parts are ready to assemble.

CUORE means literally „a heart“ in the Italian language – and so it is its final shape!
The elegant glass arcs around the central axis form a beautiful piece with a clear message.

Let CUORE be the heart of your interior!

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