Diamond cutting, connecting past and future

Bohemian craft of glassmaking contains numerous traditional techniques and processes of production, like glass blowing, gold-painting, moulding.


However if we could mention one which could be labelled „the key one“, it surely would be diamond cutting. The crystal itself is without or with a very little capability of light refraction. It is the cutting, which gives crystal the outstanding look and enables all the spectrum of colours to shine.

Diamond cutting is a keystone of our Classical & Neoclassical Collection AURORA. As you can see in the pictures, all the delicate ornaments and rich decorations are made using this technique. In the Collection, we follow the traditional patterns as well as we have designed our own.


For example the crystal pendant of DIAMANTE is an unique piece, significant for this design range. The chandeliers of this range are easily recognizable at the first sight.

Bohemian heritage is so rich and actual even today, that we have dedicated ourselves to use the traditional handmade techniques also in our Contemporary Collection, MYTAMO.

In the field of present-day lighting, there are basically no boundaries in terms of material and design. This, along with the art of our master craftsmen gives us a freedom of almost unlimited creativity. MYTAMO Collection is distinguished by clear, minimalistic designs and elegant strokes.

Whether you choose a lighting from AURORA or MYTAMO Collection, the tradition of precise diamond cutting lives on.