ESSENCE is out now!

The newest Collection of AYSAN is an extension of our AURORA Collection and contains our most successful ranges.

DIAMANTE – distinctive because of its clear design and diamond-like signature pendants.
With new colours and metallic finishes, you are sure to find a DIAMANTE to crown your interior.

TREVI - original crystal ornaments and prism trimmings characterise the Classical look of this collection. The brilliance of the perfectly crafted crystal and a new range of colours makes TREVI an excellent choice for high-end clients.

Both ranges were designed to grace Classical, Neoclassical and Modern interiors alike.
Our promise is to bring you a piece of Bohemian art and craftsmanship.

Bring the ESSENCE of AYSAN into your home!

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The essence of a new light,
sparkling through the purest crystal.
A wave of emotions captured in colours.