Hands of Gold

In Czech lands, there is a common saying of „golden Bohemian hands“. It refers to a natural skill and wit of the Czech people. Bohemian glassmakers and glass artists definitely prove that saying to be right. 

The art of glassmaking, similarly to other fields of trade, historically passed from father to son. Nowadays, there is a number of family-owned businesses, but most glassmakers are learning the craft in specialized schools.

It usually takes years to become a master. For example the diamond cutting, the apprentice has to have a precise eye and sensitivity in hands (sometimes even strength) to make the finest cuts.

People from the glass industry are very proud of their heritage. But most importantly, they love what they do. Labelling the product as „Bohemian“ is a pledge to the previous and forthcoming generations.

If you come to visit Czech Republic, surely make a visit to a glassworks or a glass workshop. Many of them are scattered around the Bohemian lands, usually surrounded by beautiful nature. You will see the people have not only golden hands, but golden heart too.