IGS show - Celebrating the Bohemian Art Of Glassmaking (Look Back)

Hello dear readers,

the International Glass Symposium in Novy Bor (Czech Republic) is behind us, let’s take a look back at this spectacular event!

This year, IGS hosted more than 70 artists from around the world, which is a significant increase when compared to the last editions.



The opening ceremony was honoured by the presence of the artists, important public figures and visitors from literally all around the world (New Zealand being the farthest country, to our knowledge).

Beside other show, the grand opening peaked at the breathtaking video-mapping projected on the building of Novy Bor’s Glass Museum. The imaginative show led us through glass & craft theme and introduced the upcoming days in a great way.


Let’s Create

The nature of the symposium is the collaborative work between the designers and the local craftsmen, who make the piece in accordance with the instructions of the designer. During the process, visitors had an opportunity to see the work on site and very closely (but beware of being too close!). The high variety of techniques and processes the glass could be worked posed a spectacular show.


Hall Of Fame

Every time the IGS is taking place, the organizers distinguish one individual by introducing him or her to the IGS Hall Of Fame. This year, it is Jiri Suhajek (*1943), a world-famous glass designer, painter and teacher. You can check his golden statue in the second gallery of this article.


The Fruits

On the last day of the symposium, all the creations are gathered to show-off to the general public. The pictures speak better than words, therefore enjoy the harvest of newborn artefacts in the gallery below.



IGS is the event with a growing impact at the international design scene. It has been a pleasure for AYSAN to be an IGS Partner. Such amazing event is the proof that the Bohemian art of glassmaking lives on and its future shines brightly.

BONUS: Full video-mapping sequence from the Grand Opening link