Tiffany - A Blue With The Name

How many blues do you know by name? Navy? Royal? Azure? We could name quite a number of them. Yet there’s only one which bears the name of a brand.

When the founders of world-famous jewellery company Tiffany & Co., Charles Tiffany and John Young in 1837 created a special colour for their promo-materials, they most probably wouldn’t know they stand at the birth of a legend.



The colour was broadly introduced in their Blue Book, first published in 1845. Since then, the colour is a vital part of the company‘s visual identity to these days.

The Tiffany blue became this year’s trend, for it’s vigorous, bright feel. On this occasion, AYSAN has launched its own interpretation of this colour to our upcoming Collection, ESSENCE.



The shade in our interpretation has a bit more green, making it more versatile while using in various kinds of interiors. Your living, dining or bedroom perhaps, will have a vibrant, bluish touch.

Blues should not be ordinary, but legendary.